Your terms and conditions of use

Art. 1. Object

These Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter the "Terms") are intended to determine the terms and conditions of the online sale of articles offered on the site FINEZINE.COM (hereinafter the "Site") published by AlmaWay SARL Limited Liability Company registered in the Commercial Register of Casablanca under the number RC: 271713 (hereinafter "ALMAWAY"), the CUSTOMER expressly acknowledging having read the GTC before confirming the first order on the Site and that any relation with ALMAWAY under the present ones will be exclusively governed by the GSC, from the first order and for all the successive orders made by the CLIENT on the Site. ALMAWAY is an independent company acting with the agreement of the FINEZINE brand.

Art. 2. Price

2.1 Purchase price

The prices are indicated in Moroccan Dirham, they take into account possible reductions granted by ALMAWAY as well as the VAT applicable on the day of the order. The indicated prices are guaranteed within the limits of available stocks, except significant changes in charges and especially VAT, and except typographical error or omission. The prices indicated do not take into account the delivery costs which will be invoiced if applicable in addition and will be specified to the CLIENT during the final validation of his order. ALMAWAY reserves the right to change prices at any time but the items will be billed based on the rates in effect at the time of registration of the order, subject however to the availability of said items.
When a validated order contains one or more erroneous elements (price, description, photo, coupon ...), ALMAWAY reserves the right to cancel it and refund the order at its sole discretion without the CUSTOMER being able to contest the solution adopted or can not engage the responsibility of ALMAWAY to claim compensation for the damage suffered.

2.2 Suggested price

The recommended price indicated in the description of each article corresponds to the average selling price of the article in the distribution network of the considered article at the date of its marketing on the Site.

Art. 3. Registration and validation of the order

3.1 Registration and ID

CUSTOMER registration is required to place any order on the Site. The CUSTOMER must accurately complete the registration form necessary for its identification. The identification is made by entering the CLIENT's email address and the PIN that has been assigned by ALMAWAY (the "Identification" or "Identifier"). The CUSTOMER must proceed to his Identification for each order on the Site.
ALMAWAY guarantees the confidentiality of the data transmitted after CLIENT identification. The CLIENT undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of his Identifier, not to entrust it to any other person except to vouch for the commitments made by this person through the use of his Identifier. The CLIENT can only have one Identifier. In case of loss or forgetfulness of his ID, the CUSTOMER must contact ALMAWAY as soon as possible so that a new Identifier will be assigned to him and the previous one will be canceled.

3.2 Registration of an order

The order is made exclusively via the Internet. To order the selected articles, the CUSTOMER must obligatorily carry out before the order, with its Identification, the CUSTOMER acknowledging to be validly informed by the present and accept without reserve that its Identification is worth proof of its identity. The CLIENT confirms his consent by definitive validation of the order.

3.3 Final validation of the order

After having read the details of his future order and once all the requested information has been completed by the CLIENT, the latter can either modify the order and any related information, or confirm his order definitively by proceeding to the payment of the order in accordance with the provisions of clause 5.2 below. The CLIENT must then complete the information requested to this effect.

The order is definitively confirmed and becomes irrevocable by the validation of the payment. The purchase order is registered on the computer records of ALMAWAY in accordance with the provisions of Dahir No. 1-09-15 of 18 February 2009 promulgating the law n ° 08-09 relating to the protection of natural persons to the regarding the processing of personal data and its implementing decree No. 2-09-165 of 18 June 2009 (hereinafter the "Texts relating to the Processing of Personal Data"), the order form may be retained and reproduced by the CUSTOMER and will be preserved on a reliable and durable support as a means of proof of the contractual relations between the Parties, in accordance with the provisions of the Dahir n ° 1-07-129 of the 30 November 2007 enacting the law n ° 53- 05 on the electronic exchange of legal data.

3.4 Confirmation of the order

When the CLIENT has validated his payment, a summary of the order will be sent to the email address indicated at the time of the order.
This confirmation will include all the constituent elements of the contract entered into between the Parties, as well as an estimate of the date of shipment. ALMAWAY recommends that the CUSTOMER keep their order confirmation email or print it. However, documents archived in ALMAWAY's computer systems as indicated above will be considered as legal proof. A summary of the order will also be displayed in the CLIENT account.

Art. 4. Coupons - Sponsorship - Gift Vouchers - Loyalty Points

These Terms and Conditions are fully applicable to coupons, coupons and sponsorship coupons and vouchers.

4.1 Coupon

A coupon is a voucher marked by a code that is sent by ALMAWAY to the CLIENT by email and which, to be used, must be entered by the CLIENT when ordering. Unless otherwise stated, coupons are not cumulative on the same order.
Under no circumstances can a coupon be converted into a currency, including a refund of the portion of the order paid by the coupon. Coupons issued have an expiration date that can not be changed.
No new coupon can be issued or allocated to a CUSTOMER to replace an expired and unused coupon.
The use of a coupon necessarily implies that the coupon represents a maximum amount of 40% of the value of the order (excluding shipping costs). The particular conditions of use of said coupon may specify a minimum purchase amount (excluding delivery costs).
In this case, the value of the order (excluding delivery charges) must be higher than the value of the minimum purchase required for the use of the coupon. A CLIENT can not in any case ask ALMAWAY to deduct from an already validated order, the value of a coupon whose code has not been entered, selected or defective, when it has been placed in accordance with the present GCS.
When an order contains a coupon, the amount of the coupon is broken down over all items of the order in proportion to their respective value. The reimbursement of an item of an order, whatever the reason, is made after deducting the share of the associated coupon.

4.2 Sponsorship

The sponsorship allows the CLIENT to obtain 50 (fifty) dirham gift vouchers on the occasion of the first order of each referrer, provided that the said order concerns the minimum sum of 350 (five hundred) dirhams duly paid in accordance with present.
The voucher code is automatically displayed in the CUSTOMER's account.
The gift voucher has the same conditions of use as those provided in clause 4.1 above except for the special provisions listed in this clause and its period of validity which is fixed at one (1) year from its date of issue.
Prohibited all the massive sponsorship activities whatever the medium.
Also prohibited are self-sponsorship activities that include multiple household accounts for which the CLIENT signs up with different e-mail addresses in order to make a fictitious sponsorship allowing him to derive benefits, which the CUSTOMER recognizes and accepts expressly. and without reservation.
If ALMAWAY finds irregularities, it may take the necessary measures and considers it appropriate in order to put an end to these irregularities and to cancel accordingly the benefits and other reductions which would have been unduly attributed to this CUSTOMER in its sole discretion.

Art. 5. Payment

5.1 Amount of the order

The amount owed by the CLIENT is indicated before the validation of the order by the CLIENT as well as on the order confirmation sent by e-mail as indicated above.

5.2 Methods of payment

For your convenience, we try to offer as many payment methods as possible. All our payment methods are certified by independent security organizations.
We currently offer the following payment methods:

 - Payment by cash on delivery only in Morocco, whether insured internally or with our partners La Voie Express and Amana Express, a surcharge of 50dhs will be requested upon receipt of the package.
 - Payment by check
 - Payment by bank transfer
 - Online payment by Moroccan bank card (available soon)
 - Online payment by international credit card
 - Payment by PayPal
 - Payment by credit card online

It is specified that the payment by credit card (soon available) is carried out through the system TPE (Electronic Payment Terminal) of our bank Attijariwafa Bank for the payment in Dhs and that the Site is the object of a security by encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer) signed by the organization VERISIGN so as to protect as effectively as possible all data related to means of payment.
Thus, the CUSTOMER's bank data is transmitted to the bank designated above with SSL encryption security so that at no time does the CUSTOMER's bank data transit the ALMAWAY computer system or are made known to the bank. ALMAWAY or his staff. In accordance with Article 30 of Law 31-80.
The responsibility of ALMAWAY can in no case be committed to this effect, which the CLIENT recognizes and accepts expressly and without reservation.
As part of our Internet fraud policy, suspicious orders will be debited automatically the amount of the order but not validated. To validate your order, we kindly ask you to send us by e-mail to the following supporting documents accompanied by your order number:

a copy of both sides of a valid ID: CIN identity card, passport or driver's license. The parts sent must match the billing information on the delivery note.
a copy of the credit card used for payment
a proof of address (invoice ...)
ALMAWAY is the only recipient of these receipts, this procedure has for sole purpose to protect you from the theft of your identity and the use of your means of payment.

 - Cash payment upon delivery

The payment can also be made in cash on delivery, whether it is insured internally or with our partners La Voie Express and Amana Express, a supplement of 50 dhs will be requested upon receipt of the parcel.

 - Payment by check

Payment can also be made by check payable to ALMAWAY SARL. The check must be sent by mail with the reference of the order.

 - Payment by bank transfer

Payment can also be made by bank transfer to the account:

- Account Number: 0540 X 000001061
- Title: Almaway Sarl A.U Company
- RIB: 007 780 0005407000001061 12
- Payment with Paypal

In addition, the order can be paid by the PAYPAL payment system.

5.3 Confirmation of payment

As indicated above, the order is considered valid after confirmation of the bank payment agreement or payment of the amount due by the M2T system. In case of refusal, the order is automatically canceled.
In any case, ALMAWAY reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in case of dispute or dispute with the CLIENT, total non-payment or partial payment of a previous order or refusal of authorization of payment.
The responsibility of ALMAWAY can not then be engaged in case of dispute to this effect.

5.4 Exceptional condition

ALMAWAY has implemented a procedure to verify the CLIENT's identity in order to limit any fraudulent use of bank details to place an order on the Site. As part of this verification, the CUSTOMER may be asked to present his identity document to the carrier in charge of the delivery.

Art. 6. Delivery

6.1 Time for shipping and delivery

The deadline for placing an order for dispatch and delivery is an indicative period starting the day following the validation of the order by the CLIENT.
In any case it can not be opposable, but in case of unusual delay, an email will be sent to the CLIENT.
Before validating his order, the CUSTOMER becomes aware of the estimated time of shipping and delivery. Following the shipment of the order, the CUSTOMER will receive an e-mail telling him the tracking number of his package, the CLIENT can follow the traceability of his package by clicking on the link provided for this purpose.
ALMAWAY declines any responsibility in the event of excessive delivery delay attributable to the postal services or the carriers in general, as well as in case of loss of the articles during the transport.
ALMAWAY agrees to ship the order within the estimated time displayed when the order is registered.
In case of unavailability of an item after placing the order, due to a transport problem or inventory discrepancy, the CLIENT will be informed by email upon receipt of the information provided by the logistics department. The cancellation of the unavailable item and its refund will then be made, the rest of the order remaining firm and final.
ALMAWAY is not able to group multiple non-shipped orders.

6.2 To return an article

- For a size problem, you have 7 days, after receiving the product, to send it back. You must inform customer service by calling or sending an email.

- For a problem of kind of model, you have 48h, after reception of the product, to return it. You must inform customer service by calling or sending an email.

- For any other reasons, you must contact customer service to explain the reasons for your return of items. You have a maximum delay of 7 days.

It should be noted that the brand Finezine does not refund for a return of article. we will send you a usable credit for 3 months on our site. Beyond these deadlines, we could no longer accept an order with this credit.

We advise you during the reception, to check well in the presence of the deliveryman the general condition of the parcel. In case of anomaly, you have seven (7) working days from the day of receipt of your order to contact our Customer Service so that an advisor can register your application and provide you with a return number.

Art. 7. Right of withdrawal and returns

The CLIENT may use his right of withdrawal in accordance with the legal provisions. To do this, the CUSTOMER must contact ALMAWAY to warn of its intention to return all or part of the order and thus obtain a return number. The CUSTOMER agrees to return the items subject to a withdrawal in their packaging and their original packaging, new and clean, ready for resale, accompanied by all their accessories, user's manuals and any other documentation , within a period of 24 hours to 7 calendar days, depending on the reason for withdrawal, from the exercise of his right of withdrawal to the address which will then be indicated by ALMAWAY. The costs and the risks related to the forwarding are the responsibility of the CUSTOMER who will have to prove it in case of conflict. Failure to comply with this obligation of return as indicated above will be considered as a waiver by the CLIENT of the exercise of his right of withdrawal.
In order to ensure a fast processing of your return, remember to insert in your package the return e-mail that will be sent to you by the Customer Service. If you do not have a printer, please write your order number, return authorization number and the codes of the items to be returned.

Art. 8. Processing of personal data

8.1. Nominative information

ALMAWAY collects the personal data of each CUSTOMER at the time of registration, this for a strictly commercial purpose, which the CLIENT accepts expressly and without reservation.
The CUSTOMER has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him in accordance with the provisions of the Texts relating to the Processing of Personal Data. To exercise this right, the CUSTOMER must send a request through his account CLIENT - contact area and make sure to remember his last name, first name, address and, if applicable, his CLIENT number, to allow ALMAWAY to treat his request in the as fast as we can. Finally, ALMAWAY may be required to communicate personal information to its business partners. The CUSTOMER will be able to receive commercial offers from third parties.

The CUSTOMER hereby expressly agrees that his mailing address as well as his email address (email) will be sent to ALMAWAY's commercial partners for commercial purposes only, unless he expressly refuses to send his email address to any third party at the time of registration. and / or validation of his order or by refusing a posteriori through his CLIENT account - contact area, as described above.
ALMAWAY may also provide consolidated statistics relating to the CUSTOMER including its purchases made on the Site knowing that these statistics will contain no personal data.

8.2. Cookies

The only cookies that ALMAWAY creates are those of the session that will be deleted when logging out of the Site.

8.3. Web beacons

Some web pages of the Site may sometimes contain electronic images or "web beacons", which allow to count the number of visitors to the page.
These web beacons can be used with some of our partners, especially to measure and improve the effectiveness of certain advertisements.
In any case, the information obtained via these tags is strictly anonymous and simply allows to collect statistics on the use of certain pages of the Site in order to better serve the users of the Site.

8.4. Malware, adware, ...

By convention ALMAWAY forbids the use of malware, adware, ...

Art. 9. Guarantees and responsibilities

9.1 Information on articles

For each item sold on the Site, ALMAWAY undertakes to provide a descriptive sheet to present the essential characteristics, within the limit of information provided by suppliers. ALMAWAY makes every effort to provide the CLIENT with as much information as possible to know the articles before registering his orders.

The photographs as well as the descriptions of the articles are not contractual and ALMAWAY will in no way be held responsible for errors that may occur in particular in terms of images or colors displayed.

9.2 Guarantees on articles

ALMAWAY guarantees that the items sold are shipped in good condition and have no defects or hidden defects rendering the items unfit for normal use.
All warranties will be excluded in the event of defects, damage from external events, improper installation, or use not in accordance with the indications given and in normal use.

The warranties of the sold articles are mentioned on the descriptive card. The CLIENT with a defective item, whose warranty is still applicable, must contact ALMAWAY via the Customer Service, ALMAWAY will then send him the procedure to follow in order to obtain a repair, a replacement or a refund.

9.3 Responsibility

ALMAWAY's liability hereunder is limited to the amount of the CLIENT's order. The involvement of ALMAWAY can not be implicated for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of a computer, a computer network or the Internet.
In particular, ALMAWAY can not be held responsible for a break in service, an external intrusion or the presence of a computer virus. ALMAWAY is held to a simple obligation of means for all stages of access to the Site, including consultation, form filling, ordering, payment and any other service available on the Site.

ALMAWAY can not be held responsible for any material damage, immaterial or bodily caused by the malfunction or misuse of an article purchased on the Site.

Art. 10. Intellectual property

All elements of the Site, whether visual or sound, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents and are the exclusive property of FINEZINE operated by ALMAWAY. The underlying technologies are the exclusive property of ALMAWAY.
The CUSTOMER who has a website in his personal capacity and who wishes to place, for a personal use, on his site a simple link directly to the home page of the Site, must obligatorily ask for the prior authorization, written and expressly at ALMAWAY. However, any hypertext link to the Site and using the technique of framing or inline linking is strictly prohibited.
In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be withdrawn on request of ALMAWAY. Hypertext links may link to other sites than the Site. ALMAWAY disclaims any liability in the event that the content of these sites contravenes the laws and regulations in force.

Art. 11. Duration

These conditions apply throughout the duration of online articles offered by ALMAWAY on the Site

Art. 12. Transfer

The CUSTOMER may not oppose in any way any transfer or transfer of activities to a third party necessarily resulting in the transfer of client files and personal data of the CLIENT.

ALMAWAY nevertheless undertakes to inform the CUSTOMER of any file transfer in connection with such an assignment in order to allow the CUSTOMER to exercise his right to object within 8 days from the day the transfer is made. to his knowledge.

Art. 13. Major force 

ALMAWAY will not be liable for the total or partial non-performance of its obligations under these GTS, if this non-performance is caused by an event constituting force majeure, particularly in case of disruption or total or partial strike including services postal and means of transport and / or communications, flood, fire. Beyond a period of one month of interruption due to force majeure, ALMAWAY may not honor the order, to charge for it to refund the CLIENT.

Art. 14. Legal information

Publisher of the Site ALMAWAY S.A.R.L, Limited Liability Company registered in the Commercial Register of Casablanca under number RC: 271713, N ° Patent: 33390493, Fiscal ID 14393031 | Director of Publication: Amal Benkirane | Host: 1 & 1 Internet SARL
7, Place de la Gare / BP 70109/57201 Sarreguemines Cedex / France
For any request for information, any information relating to the conditions of sale on the Site or any other technical question, it is possible to contact the company ALMAWAY by calling 06 61 36 73 86

Art. 15. Applicable law - Competent jurisdiction

The GTC are governed by Moroccan law. Any dispute to which the GSC could give rise will be brought before the Commercial Court of Casablanca.